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In the practice of this folk medicine there are beliefs that come from my indigenous background:

  • To respect and value ourselves and all other living things.
  • In the circle of life, there is no end only transition with new beginnings.
  • Our crisis or challenges are experiences that bring growth to our inner self and a clearer view of our path in this life.
  • Our experiences in life affect our total energy field and the three components of our existence (Mind, Body, Spirit), which develop the fourth (Emotion).
  • The results of our experiences and how they are held in our energy field will have an effect on how we identify with life.
  • We believe we are energy; this energy is used for healing ourselves, as well as others.
  • In order to shift energy we must be in complete connection to the universe and the earth and unattached to the ego.
  • We live with a clear understanding of our dual nature (reality and non-reality), our rational side (reality/tonal) and our spiritual side (non-reality/nagual). Integrating both these sides helps us reach our goal of a balanced relationship to life.

These beliefs are honored and practice at times with rituals, which assist in connecting us to our dual nature. The healing that takes place with this practice of folk medicine is usually via the spiritual side. Intergrading various techniques with my healing methods has opened my sessions to the individuals who find it difficult to work out side the ordinary reality.