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As I stand facing Tonantzin, feeling lost in my path, I ask her for guidance, “Madre Morena, in what direction should I go?” She responds, "go in search of all the peaceful warriors that walk in this dimension and those that walk in the spirit dimension".

I ask her, “What should I do once I find them?” "Our Battle is long and hard", she responds. "We must gather all our warriors to win! Our battle is against power, greed, and anger; for they create fear, hate, and violence. All of us who walk with our hearts must reconnect; so that we may spread peace, balance, compassion, trust, forgiveness, understanding and love".

“How do I find those Peaceful Warriors that walk with their hearts?” I ask. "Begin with yourself, trust in yourself and our connection; walk with your heart and arms wide open always. They will find you! Create a circle, but maintain an opening, this will make it welcoming for others to join you. In your circle, you already have me Tonantzin Mother Earth, Yemaya Mother of the Ocean, the Great Powerful Sacred Eagle and The Grandfather of the Universe. We are all standing at your side".




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Tereza Iñiguez-Flores

Healer and Consultant

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